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We are a group of professional tree technicians grouped under the name Exceptional Tree Care.
A hint of idealism and level-headedness helps us to create harmony between man and trees.

For over twenty years we have been following new developments in that area so that we’ve been able to systematically fine-tune the way we approach problems concerning tree research, construction advice , soil testing, V.T.A. (visual tree assessment), tree guidance, drawing up a tree inventory and also general care of trees. Due to this progress in technology we are the only company in Belgium that can assist / consult in tree-protection on construction sites. We are also in contact with a worldwide network of specialists and know-how.

People buy building land mainly for its attractiveness; the trees on that piece of land are parameters by which the attractiveness can be measured, so ideally we are called in to discuss how to preserve and care for the trees involved.

The sooner we as tree technicians are involved in the planning stages of building or renovating, the sooner all involved parties will receive correct information and so reap the benefits of that exchange of information.

What we would like to achieve through this website is a growing consciousness of how to care properly for our ever-shrinking world. After all, it belongs to us all.
If you are experiencing any tree problems, feel free to fill in the tree-problem page, we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

The right person and the right tree in the right place, the timing is up to you.

We are active in the following domains:

• drawing up tree inventories and regional management planning
• support of tree patrimony
• reputable planting of trees; from seed to small monuments
• monitoring of planted trees
• crown maintenance for all ages of trees
• correct trees that have received the wrong treatment
• Support (after “pollarding” or "crown shaping").
• Determine and treat illnesses
• Making of appraisals
• Soil improvement and ventilation
• Consultation for building sites, training

A few insights

• Trees don’t need to be pruned
• We don’t pollard or rejuvenate
• There is no such thing as a dangerous tree
• We deadwood only in the growth season
• Survival equals communication plus the ability to adapt
• Engineers go in straight line, biologist go in curves, arborists go in circles
• To tree or not to tree, that’s the question…
• People are important, trees are important, we need them both.

Paul C. Luttik
& the dendro-crew.

Love and respect to all the people in the world who share our vision and are working very hard to promote tree care & understanding.

Thanks and love to all my teachers and examples that made me who I am, the list is too long but you are in my life...


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